How To Write A Shareholder Proposal

Don’t Just Dispute, Contribute.

A Companion Guide to
By Craig McGuire

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The Shareholder Activist How To Write A Shareholder Proposal

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“How to Write a Shareholder Proposal,” is an essential guide to developing a sound strategy for empowerment leveraging one of the essential tools for affecting real change, brought to you by the founders of™. Starting with your idea for change, this guide will empower you with techniques to evolve your idea from a concept to a concrete proposal you can submit for consideration, while along the way generating a platform for change.
For more on what you can expect to learn with this guide, please review the Table of Contents below:
The Purpose of this Guide 4
What Is a Shareholder Proposal? 5
A Proper Introduction: Sample Proof-of-Ownership and Cover Letters 8
Start With a Good Idea 10
What Types of Shareholder Proposals Are Working? 11
Shareholder Proposals Are Not for Every Investor 13
Can Anyone File a Shareholder Proposal? 15
What are the Real Costs for Submitting a Shareholder Proposal? 18
Living With Rejection – Why Shareholder Proposals are Excluded 21
Checklist of Exclusions for Disqualifying Shareholder Proposals 25
Overcoming Rejections and Objections with Shareholder Proposals 26
How to Organize a Proposal Committee 29
How to Build Your Knowledge Base 33
What To Do Post-Vote 36
About the Author 37
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