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  • Call for Papers – Journal of Corporate Finance

    Since the Cadbury Report was published in 1992 in the UK, there has been increasing emphasis not just by UK regulators but also by regulators from other countries, including the USA and Continental Europe, of the role of boards of …
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  • Corporate Governance Quick Bites

    Corporate Governance Quick Bites

    Holly Gregory’s post Applying Securities Laws to Social Media Communications is the best I’ve seen on when the SEC’s Enforcement Division is likely to recommend an enforcement case to the Commission based on the potential for liability arising from disclosures by corporate officers …
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  • International Review Focuses on Executive Compensation

    International Review Focuses on Executive Compensation

    I received my copy of the November edition of Corporate Governance: An International Review a couple of weeks ago (yes, they usually run late). It is a special issue on executive compensation with the usual diversity of well-researched articles from around …
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  • Campaign for Trust Kicks Off Campaign

    Campaign for Trust Kicks Off Campaign

    After a well-documented 10+ years of declining trust in government, business and the media, Trust Across America (TAA) and its ambassadors are launching the Campaign for Trust™, a two-year initiative to reverse this cycle. Said Barbara Brooks Kimmel, a Co-founder and the Executive …
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  • Video Friday: Shareholder Wealth – From Predictable Returns to Casino

    Reuters’ blogger Felix Salmon shares a surprising list of which companies over the last 90 years have generated the most wealth for shareholders, and which ones have destroyed it. Will we get to a market that generates sustainable wealth? What …
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