The Psychology of Commerce – Part Two

The Shareholder Activist - The Psychology of Commerce - Part TwoKNOWLEDGE OF MONEY IS POWER

Addressing an intellectual and/or historical vacuum is good business. You are part of something bigger, so you need to develop a knowledge base of money history and economic theory, as well as awareness of the world and history, affirming your identity and place in a very interesting and exciting industry.

This will not only add meaning to one’s life, it also impresses clients. Knowledge is power and understanding things outside oneself can only help in sharpening one’s mission. Awareness of economic history yields better understanding of market trends, and better awareness of what products sell and what people need.

Clients like and prefer interesting bankers, brokers, money managers. It is not always just all about the money for clients. They want someone with a pulse, someone with a heart and brain, someone they can get to know, respect, and trust. Boring never inspires.

The Shareholder Activist - The Psychology of Commerce - Part TwoKnowledge, understanding, and awareness of the past also enable one to understand the future and at times even predict events. These skill sets are very important. Clients want to like, admire, respect, aggrandize, be-in-awe-of their financial professional. These are all too human reactions which pervade all of our lives.

Read Part Three of this 7 part series next week.

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