Shareholder Life Goals

Shareholder Life GoalsIt’s your life and they’re your goals, or they should be. You walk/run/jog in your own Nikes, Pumas, or Jordans. Or even Keds. If you want to make money a huge part of your life, then so be it. Money is not inherently bad; money is the backstory of history. Money created civilization, and democracy. Niall Ferguson’s book The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World poignantly documents this premise. Money can provide freedom, security, safety, flexibility, and a sense of well-being. But money needs to be put into perspective in terms of your value and self-worth systems. Money does not warranty dignity, honor, self-respect, kindness or empathy. These are human traits and characteristics which make people genuine and authentic.

Shareholders like it when their companies make money. Lots of money. Why shouldn’t they?

Shareholder activists, generally, strive for socially responsible investments. Shareholder activists expect profits. Righteous profits. Money “poorly made” tarnishes and loses value quickly. There is indeed a growing movement on the Street which requires traders to compensate for bad trades. They have to ante up from their own pocketbook. Penultimate accountability!

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