“SABBATICAL:” Every Writer’s Dream

Sabbatical comes from the Latin sabbaticus meaning a “rest from work, or a hiatus.” Not exactly…

Forces, both external and internal, have seized my day. My ‘glorious’ book about the inner life of financial professionals, and the history/psychology of money must be completed by the Fourth of July.

Wall Street is a chaotic, stressful, exciting universe where huge sums of money are traded daily. The book documents the causes, effects, and treatments I’ve created for financial professionals working in the trenches. Exciting real life anecdotes and case material color all sections of the text.

I will finally be liberated from my self-inflicted mission. Finally. “Forces” in the media world have been pounding me to finish. Hence, the cat is out of the bag, and what will be a brief sabbatical from The Shareholder Activist (TSA) will morph into the book mission.

In the interim I have prepared templates for further TSA posts:

“The Dimon Trade: Clash of the Titans,” fifth in a series about the warrior king of Wall Street bankers focusing on the inherent fallacy of being both Chairman and CEO of one of the Big Four.

“Seniors & Money,” second in a series which will be expanded later this summer. Americans, 55 and over, own 75% of American assets. They are a shareholder tour de force! Indeed, they do represent the Grand Parent Economy.

“Money & Trust,” the shareholder’s credo will be expanded accordingly. Additional posts which focus on the neuropsychology of these constructs are in preparation.

“Psychology is the Infrastructure of Life,” a newly trademarked construct which will lead to a series of posts which explore, more deeply, the shareholder’s experience across a myriad of human and financial dimensions.

“Australia’s Cultural Bubble,” psycho-economic observations from a recent tour down under. Amazing people and country: sixth largest in world with only 22 million souls. However, in Sydney, a banana from a street vendor costs nearly $2 US, a “short” Martini in our hotel was $25 US.

A marvel of architecture, the Sydney Opera House, is a brilliant icon of design. We live in a current world besieged by cost analysis and projections. The Opera house construction was originally budgeted for $7 million; it took nearly ten “extra” years to complete and came in at $102 million. It is now slated for a billion dollar refurbishment and expansion over the next seven years. Even icons can bubble and implode. When I am back in gear at TSA, I will provide a novel explanation about the costs of the Opera House.

Such are the joys. How can this phenomenon be sustained, and what is the ultimate impact on shareholders? These are two small examples of post concepts to come. With time, my analysis will be significantly more sophisticated.

Thank you for subscribing to TSA. Intermittently, I will communicate the “comings and goings” of my book project. Keep in mind, the book itself is serialized twice weekly on my blog: www.thewallstreetpsychologist.com.

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