Practical Solutions for Shareholders of all Ages

The Shareholder Activist - Practical Solutions for Shareholders of all AgesBudgeting, revenue generation, maintaining a strong credit rating (FICO score), and protecting your identity are all essential life tasks. Mastering the painful art and science of saving is also very important. Contrary to “popular opinion,” and our rich fantasy lives, money does not grow on trees. Even very wealthy people have to budget if they want to avoid obstacles, and achieve their goals and missions relatively smoothly. Savvy shareholders are careful about how they budget and spend money, and they expect their companies to be of like mind.

Choosing a career path that matches your passions and skill sets is paramount. Not everyone can become a shareholder or an investor. In a sense, it’s a kind of a calling. Being a shareholder activist is a calling of even a higher order. Most shareholders are not activists. They are content to let the company run “by itself.” That’s when the real trouble can start. Proper stewardship is about “minding the store.”

One does not have to only focus on the accumulation of money. There is nothing inherently wrong with making lots of money, and accumulating wealth. However, perspective is important, as well as comprehending what money is, what it can do, and being aware of its limitations. Of course, having an adequate, if not substantial income, is important since money can provide freedom, security, and an increased sense of well-being. Being impoverished is not a solution to the shareholder’s personal ills, or the ills of society.

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