“Occupy Wall Street’s” Emotional Needs: Part Five

The Shareholder Activist - "Occupy Wall Street’s" Emotional Needs: Part FiveEmotionally, OWS participants have real life needs for fairness, consideration, communication, and understanding as do we all do. The movement has accelerated, and stopped and started. Its path has been uneven and unclear. OCW is indeed a “work in progress.” Change never comes easy. Neither does (economic) growth. A viable philosophical core must be built from the inside out. Right now OWS seems to be in a kind of middle development phase. Clear cut and economic platforms need to be sharpened if OWS has any chance of truly impacting the system, and the Street. At the very least, it is refreshing to see Main Street challenge the status quo.

Psychologically, Main Street is impressed with Wall Street and enamored of their power. This phenomenon may obscure their insight and vision with regard to comprehending that, in fact, it’s all too frequently just about the money. Ideals die hard. Human beings want to believe what they are told. Our radar cannot operate 24/7. We want to have faith and confidence in our institutions, their missions, and their products.  It may all boil down to trust and money. Trust and money are perhaps the two most important words in the English language.

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