Corporate Image/Shareholder Image

Corporate Image Shareholder ImageImage, from the Latin, is an artifact that has some similar appearance to a subject. The important point here is that by definition image is not truly real, but we are led to, trained to, and persuaded to think and believe image is real. On the Street, it can all be about branding and the engineering of consent, persuasion, and the molding of opinion. We become so finely conditioned that we think perception and image are absolute realities.

People project all kinds of images in different situations, at different points in time, and at different points in their life as a function of a myriad of factors. Being authentic and genuine is what is truly indicated. Then one can really “look in the mirror” without pain and with confidence.

Shareholders, boards, managers, and staff have to all be able to look in the mirror.

Being real and true to yourself, your shareholders, and your company’s mission will position you more effectively to make money. Being in synch with yourself, your board and your company’s mission statement can only help all those concerned to achieve their goals and aspirations. Maintain any image you want, or need, as long as you have enough integrity and self-awareness, as an individual and as a corporation to know that image is just that: image, an artifact that some similar appearance to a subject.

The true product of a corporation goes beyond the corporate image. All co-owners in concert with the company product, or service, sustain and underscore the true value of the corporation.

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